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July 11, 2017
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August 28, 2017

VWP Affiliate Program

Are you a freelancer or an online agency that sometimes have no choice but to turn down a client because your schedule is already full, your skill sets don’t fit the project or any other random reason? That is wasted opportunity, right?

To support our advocacy in promoting jobs all over the Philippines and to maximize our client base, our company came up with a solution to this. VWP Affiliate Program!

With this strategy, you will never have to lose a client again! All you have to do is refer them to us and we will take care of the rest. You save the project, you help provide work and the best part is you earn from this, PASSIVELY! Win win situation for you, the client, our team and the freelancer that we will help!

This will give you access to earn 10% per hour share for every contract we put in place from the client you refer.

Let’s assume you referred a client that agreed to pay $5 per hour net to hire agency freelancer/s from our team.

    To start this, we will be accepting client referrals to work on projects under:
    1) Telemarketing and Telesales
    2) Customer Service
    3) Real Estate Virtual Assistance

    Take note!
    *** This affiliate marketing program is based on percentage and this table is based on a $5 per hour net only. Affiliate partners can have more as the rates go higher!
    *** This is based on 5 hires only. Meaning, the more VWP agency freelancers your client hires, the more multipliers for your share! Imagine having 10 or 30? There is no limit!
    *** Your passive share will continue to flow as long as we retain the client. Long term project means your share will also be long term!

Given VWP’s reputation in quality service and client retention, you won’t find any place where your referrals will be secured!

For inquiries contact us at connect@virtualworkforcepro.com. Make sure to indicate “VWP Affiliate Program” on the subject line.